I get to hear from God daily

Matthew 22:29 – Jesus replied, ‘You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.

I am learning how important the Bible is and how as I study it more I am beginning to be able to pull on verses to help me in situations or to answer questions I have.  Came across this verse today, also quoted in Mark 12:24 and think this is so important knowing the scriptures also helps me to partially understand the great power of our loving God.  I just want to read more and find out more…


Let me introduce you to the Bible, it’s my reliable source of truth, my authority on all things holy, and the only way that I get to hear from God daily and that’s crazy, crazy good when I hear from God all the good things he has in store, the plans he has laid down for me and how he’s gonna help me achieve my potential, it’s essential for me I cannot contemplate being without his word, could never let the noise of the world keep me from hearing from my God, and I seek his advice on every aspect of my life, too many years spent apart where my heart closed down, my ears shut tight, but now I am right with God I seek him first and why wouldn’t you seek him with all your heart, for a start if you want the Lord to stand with you and strengthen you he has to have a chance to speak to you, ignorance is a choice, your choice to ignore his voice, let him talk to you through the Bible, everyone is entitled, there is no cost to reading his word but until God becomes the desire of your heart, you will keep looking to humans to meet the needs only God can fill, so take your fill from his word, use it to add power to prayer and do it now, sometimes later becomes never, and with Satan masquerading as an Angel of light it is right and proper that we know the scriptures for how else can we answer, resist temptation without God’s translation, God’s given us a foundation from which to stand our ground, on which all our hope is found, and though your flesh and heart may fail, God is your strength and your hope, the flower fades but the word of God stands forever, never be far from your Bible, don’t stifle your growth through lack of nourishment, God meant for us to have his word, every word as relevant now as the day it was written, as the day he died so you were forgiven, he gave it for you, think on, what else in this world can you count upon?


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