Why I can say with certainty Jesus wants you now

Today I was thinking about Psalm 107 v 1 – Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures for ever.  

Then I read the rest of the Psalm which made me think a lot, yes give thanks to the Lord for he is good, but then when you see how loving and great God is and how he reaches out to us in our darkest times it resonates so much more, I give thanks to the Lord for he IS good.  And as a redeemed sinner I must take verse 2 to heart

Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.


I am redeemed, reclaimed by Jesus, you see before I became a Christian I was gay, and that’s the way I thought I was meant to be, the way Jesus made me or so I thought but I ought to tell you that being Gay is not all it’s cracked up to be, gay defined as happy or joyful, when reality is gay meant I was full of self-loathing, forever roaming restlessly, trying to find the best of me, trying to accept my morality, understand my lack of respect for me, a struggle, a constant battle against me (and some of society) and Psalm one hundred and seven speaks to me, a reality check, Jesus loves me, his love for me lasts eternally, and he saw my enemy, understood the need in me, saw the unsettled soul and reached out, offered an escape, a way to become whole, and as I cried out to him in my distress he reached in and pulled me out of my mess to a place I could settle, he freed me from my own prison, a prison of distress, oppression and an obsession with me, no it’s not all about me anymore, God broke down the iron gates, he cut through the bars of iron that conspired to keep me down, in my storm he rescued me, took me to a safe haven, a place of safety where I could see through my affliction and my addictions and rejoice in being free, his loving deeds have humbled me, he never wanted me to be oppressed, distressed, he wanted nothing more than to bless me, and now I’m free I turn back those blessings to praise, I raise my arms high to the Lord most high, he heard my cry, he rescued me, he alone is worthy of my praise and all my days belong to Jesus, and whatever your history, whatever battle you are fighting, he is there, lighting up the path that you walk, ready for you when you’re ready to talk, Jesus saved me he will save you, just open up, cry out in your sadness, it’s madness not to, take it from me he can do anything, no sin too big for him to cope with, nothing you’ve done that he hasn’t noticed and dealt with, so quit stalling the sooner you hand this to your Saviour the sooner you benefit from his favour and believe me adjusting your behaviour will be simpler with God on your side, OK it may be a bumpy ride at times, but I’m telling you straight, please don’t wait till you hit rock bottom, God hasn’t forgotten you, hasn’t abandoned you, God is there for you, loves you and aches for you to see that the love he has is real, it lasts forever, it never stops, never fades, never fails, check out his hands for the marks of the nails, that’s what you mean to Jesus, that’s why I can say with certainty Jesus wants you now, allow him to show you the way, don’t leave it even one more day and here’s what I say, “give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever” and have I mentioned redemption? Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story, may the redeemed of the Lord give him the Glory.


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