You’re one of the people God gave to me

At my last counselling session we covered friendships (or lack of in my past) and how I struggle now to really form friendships or believe in the ones I have.  This is a product of my childhood, unfortunately carried with me through life, but now, as a Christian I am seeing that people are different, I am learning to drop my guard a bit more and allow people in.  There is still sometimes a feeling of “don’t let them get too close for fear of getting hurt” but you know what, I know I won’t get hurt and I am beginning to allow myself to believe that people are there for me come what may, they won’t let me down.  Had some prayer about this today and am just so grateful to God for the people he has put in my life, I know over time I will be able to put my “friendship” issues behind me and start to trust more.  I wrote this for the small circle of Christian friends in my life who (probably unknowingly) are helping me on this particular journey, this being just one more barrier to break down to help me move forward.

Proverbs 18:24 – One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.


You’re one of the people God gave to me, I asked God for you and he delivered, every person put into my life for a reason, part of his perfect preparation for my future, a God-ordained friend for my times of adversity, a certainty in my uncertainty, a rock, a tower of strength who goes to great lengths to be there for me and here’s what I’m learning, God loves me personally, powerfully, passionately, where others have promised and failed God has promised and succeeded, his love unfailing and when I was aching, my heart breaking he gave me my friends, my co-warriors he reached down from above and lifted me from the deep waters and I ought to have seen that he would surround me with strength and security, delivered by those who sincerely care for me and I don’t have to worry or be filled with anxiety about your feelings or friendship for me, I need do nothing more than I do cos you guys are filled with God’s love too, you mirror his ways, his love shines through you, and you see the best of me, build me up, support me and offer me sanctuary when I allow insecurity to get to me and today I praise God that he gave you to me, I praise him for friendships that will last for eternity.


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