Who was this King who endured such suffering for me?

So as we prepare for Christmas my mind got to thinking about when God sent his son to earth, how did that all come about and how did he feel about giving up his son for us, knowing how it would cause so much pain and suffering to him (death on a Cross)?  So there clearly was a lot of planning going on, Angels being sent to declare his birth, Zechariah and Mary receiving visits before that, choosing the right “earthly” parents, the star that led the Wise men …. But even more than that all the prophesies in the Old Testament told of Jesus coming to earth so God was in control and planning for our failures all along (light bulb moment).   So much to it really when you think about it (which I never have before).  Wow, all that to save us, all that despite the fact that God had given us so many opportunities to turn from sin, so many chances to get it right, he just knew that it wasn’t working.  How did that feel?  How easy would it be just to turn his back on us, yet he didn’t – now that is some kind of love, yep awesome love praise God.


The world was waiting for a miracle, Angels dispatched, wise men informed, even the shepherds knew the form, a baby was coming, not just any baby, this one was coming to be with us, Emmanuel, God with us, God knew what we needed, saw that we had not heeded him from afar, he needed to be where we are, to infiltrate our minds, our hearts, to show us that despite our parting from his word, despite our trying to go it alone, he still loves us, he still cares and he came so that we could be saved, a baby who would grow up sinless, perfection that meant his resurrection from the dead had power, had impact, in fact as he bowed his head the sun stopped shining, darkness descended and the world was changed forever, who was this man, who was this King who endured such suffering for me, withstood mocking and pain, who rose again to bring me life?  His selfless and loving sacrifice showing us the way, he is the truth and the light, putting things right for those who turn to his light and now the world waits for another miracle…a pivotal moment in time, a time to reflect and consider whether you want to be part of this sadness, condone the madness of a world gone to seed or seek to be part of God’s family working to change history, we need you God, we need your love, your peace, your healing power, however you look at it, whatever you believe it is difficult to conceive that man can make any difference, man whose indifference has resulted in wars and famine, global warming an alarming escalation in poverty we need our heavenly Monarchy, come Lord Jesus, come again and reign on earth as in heaven, thank you for the love you have given us, the forgiveness you freely give, show us Lord how we can live lives that give you the Glory, Glory to the King of our Christmas story.


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