Jesus didn’t set you free to live in the rubble

Was thinking today after yesterday’s post that Jesus wants us to be free, so he died for us, we accept him into our lives but we still hold on to some of the old rubbish, we still struggle to let things go.  So why would be anxious or stress when God tells us we have no need to, why would we worry about next week when God tells us not to??

John 8:32 – Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’

Jesus is the truth and that truth is power.  The power of Jesus sets us free, my thought today, let him set me free from all my worries, don’t even go there, just give them to God and sit back and relax.


Accept it, the power of Jesus sets you free…. I’m just saying!  Isn’t it time you opened your eyes, like Jesus didn’t set you free to live in the rubble, Jesus didn’t die so you would be troubled, Jesus doesn’t want you to struggle, you were washed, sanctified and justified In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, he paid the price of your sin, so stop blocking him, stop putting up obstacles cos it’s impossible for you to grow if you don’t know this one thing, Jesus broke all the rules to set you free, he died but after three days he rose again, he broke every chain and Satan has no claim on you now, no power, no impact, in fact you are redeemed, born again, no longer rejected or dejected but re-directed to something better, and there is power in his name, power to save, to heal, to conquer, power to restore, to comfort, to bring back the lost, to defeat every enemy, triumph over evil and he has broken every chain.  Obey, dig deep, share and claim his love, claim the victory, reach for your destiny resting in the security of his loving arms, accept his healing, let him equip and inspire you, listen, believe, hold on to his promises, wait for him to talk to you, to guide you, never cease praying, never stop listening, be comfortable in his company, let him accompany you on your journey, let him lead you out of the valley, allow him to take your anxiety, hand him your cares and concerns, learn to trust him with everything , so like I say isn’t it time you got over it, accepted it, the power of Jesus is off the scale, with him on side you will never fail.


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