Filling that God shaped hole in your heart

Psalm Sunday!!  Every week my Sunday reading is a Psalm and today was Psalm 36 – what a great Psalm – almost like a before and after Psalm –so verses 1 to 4 all about my past, no fear of God, no respect, not recognising my sin, plotting evil and failing to reject what is wrong.  But then verses 5 onwards – how great the Love of Jesus is and how, once you discover Jesus as your Lord you totally get it, you get how amazing, far reaching, deep and true is his love and you can leave the past behind, take shelter in God and have an abundant and awesome life.


Being yourself, well it just doesn’t work, no fear of God, no respect for his word, planning life to suit yourself, seeking fame, riches, wealth, embracing sin, acting foolishly and letting Satan win over your heart, means you are constantly and eternally apart from the light of the world.  Imagine that, a life of darkness and shame, a blame culture, vultures ready to devour you for the slightest mistake, a life where give and take does not exist and you may list all the things that make you happy, but believe me, I’ve been there and there is no substitute for the real deal, nothing can make you feel complete like Jesus, nothing can fill you with such joy and peace, like having God stops you reaching out for more and more stuff that is just another bluff, another scheme, another dream that this time it will fill that God shaped hole in your heart, God has set you apart so start to pay attention, don’t struggle under a misapprehension that God does not matter, he matters and so do you, and the only thing you can do to fill the void, is recognise that your life is devoid of purpose without Jesus.  His love reaches to the heavens and fills the skies, his love is priceless, free without cost, you have lost nothing and gained everything when you open up your life to him, an unfailing and everlasting love from God who is the ultimate truth and only he can set you free, he gave you eyes to see so use them, open your heart to change, be prepared to exchange sin for forgiveness and as God is my witness you will receive gifts in abundance, new life and a newfound existence, no longer distant from the one who made you, no longer craving more and more he is more than you could ask for, more than you ever wished for, God eternal saviour is ready for you, are you ready for him too?


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