You don’t go to heaven just because you think you’re a good person

Having a chat with a work colleague on Friday and talk turned to the recent death of her friend and she asked me and another Christian if we thought her friend was in heaven.  Conversation from her kind of went like this – I don’t want to think of her all alone, don’t we all go to heaven, that’s what I like to think??  I don’t believe in God but I’m not a bad person so I’ll go to heaven.  When  our response was that you have to believe in God and confess that he is Lord and Saviour then she got upset and a bit abrupt, well I won’t see you there then…much better if we all went to heaven,  followed by well I’ll just live my life as I want and become a Christian just before I die.

So like HELLO two things here, of course it would be better if we all went to heaven but that doesn’t just happen, what would be the point of God sending his son to die for us if we simply just were all going to heaven anyway.  And secondly why wouldn’t you want to become a Christian now and receive all the “amazing blessings” that are from God, right here and right now?

So as a Christian I know that there is a point and we have to have faith, a faith in our loving God, we need to confess that he is Lord and adapt our lifestyles accordingly.  Now don’t get me wrong I haven’t given up on this colleague and we are encouraging her to attend an Alpha course to find out more (please pray for her) but it got me to thinking how many people are blind to the truth, blind to the opportunity that giving their life to God gives them.

Talking to God today and he spoke to me about my role in helping to open the eyes of the blind and I kind of felt he was saying not just of non-Christians but also of Christians who maybe interpret the Bible in their own way, to suit them or not to cause upset (the whole political correctness agenda I suppose).  I have blogged on this before but certainly feel strongly about the whole “Gay” issue and how many Christians sit on the fence or fail to address God’s word on this subject (anyway that’s a bit of an aside, I just want to open blind eyes to our amazing God).

Today I was reading Luke 18

Luke 18: 41 – 43 – What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked. “Lord, I want to be able to see,” the blind man replied. Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight. Your faith has healed you.” Right away he could see. He followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God. 

I also referenced 2 Samuel 22: 29 – You, Lord, are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light.


So here it is, you do not go to heaven just because you think you’re a good person, you do not go to heaven because you try hard, say nice things, give to charity and why do you put such an emphasis on what happens after life, look around and see the strife and animosity, the inconsistency and dishonesty that is rife, the pain and suffering brought on by human plundering , open your blind eyes, unlock your closed heart, isn’t it time you started to see what Jesus died for, what Jesus wants for you now, not when you die, why would you not want joy and peace, love, a release from anxiety, freedom, happiness, trust and solace, an escape from this lawless world and praise be to God I have been called out of that darkness into the light, my eyes were useless and my mind was blind but now I see all the beauty he has in store for me, restoring me to the role he planned for me and he is the light of the world, believe in him and you are no longer in darkness, just look to see what God can do he is the lamp, he turns your darkness into day, he hears your prayers and he is never blind, he sees your tears, he knows your fears, why wait?  Have faith, seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness, his promise stands, blessed are those who have not seen yet have believed, this is how I perceive his promise so man says show me and I’ll trust you, God says trust me and I’ll show you, he knows you’ll find that hard, but how many blessings await those who trust him, so let your light shine before others, glorify your Father in heaven, make your confession, Jesus Christ is Lord and King, and in his suffering I know he died to set me free, and I claim his victory and get down on my knees, confess that he is the supreme majesty, Jesus, son of God who died for me.


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