I am cocooned in his love and care

Was reading Psalm 46 last night and God put it on my mind to write my own version of this, so this morning sat down to write and just before I started got a message from a friend – thought of this while praying this morning Psalm 46 v 1 – wow just love it when God shows us so clearly his word.

Read this Psalm it is amazing, this is just my take on it and I believe today God is certainly going to be my refuge and strength.


God is my safe place, my hiding place, where I run to when I am in trouble, like a bubble of security where nothing can get to me, I am cocooned in his love and care, and he is always there, like every time I need him, every time I am afraid, anxious or terrified he is by my side, though my world is at war, let the mountains tremble and fall, waters rage and I will not shake in anticipation, God is the ruler of all nations and a river of Joy flows through the city of our God, the holy place where our God reigns, where he lives for ever and never wavers, never hesitates to help his children here on earth, look at the uproar, the turmoil we have caused yet the leader of the heavenly army is here, he is with us and he is our strong stuff, come to rescue us from the bleakness, devastation and isolation, come to make wars stop, war and pain and suffering will no longer be tolerated, his chosen people no longer frustrated and he tells us clearly to be still, be still and you will know that I am God, all men will know that I am God, and he will be honoured in all corners of the earth, our all-powerful God elevated to his rightful place, King of Kings, Majesty, the God of Jacob come to rescue his holy people from death, destruction and to give them life for all eternity.


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