I let God into my life and I am alive in Christ

Reflecting this morning on how far I have come in 9 months since becoming a Christian but believe me also reflecting on how much further I have to go.One message is clear to me and has been since my conversion and that is that I cannot afford to conform to worldly beliefs and understandings and must keep growing, learning, seeking God’s word and will for my life and be prepared to stand up for God no matter what the personal cost.

Romans 12 2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.


God has given me a new song to sing and by his grace I have a new beginning, OK so I can’t say I have totally stopped sinning for we all fall short of God’s amazing glory, however when you hear my story you will see that sin is something dead to me, I don’t condone or excuse sin, I let God into my life and I am alive in Christ, at the start of an amazing journey, my intention to serve him, serve God my Father, to intentionally repent from all the stuff that represents the old me, the me condemned to an eternity in Hell, because, well because I was blind to God’s love, blind to his gift of eternal life, I was a sinner twisting the knife because I had missed the light.  Right so here’s what happened I thought that my sin was so bad, no miracle conversion for me so you see I just pushed God away, something for another day but he called out to me, held out his hand and let me see that he loves me and do you get how that feels?  Can you see that when you catch on that you are not perfect yet you are forgiven, you are loved and can become a new creation, the elation, the joy, the wonder that all the time you wandered in the wilderness, alone in the dark, alone and distressed, God was beside you ready to clean up your mess and suddenly you realise that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. He paid the price of your sin, yep, I am the daughter of a King, a King who was nailed to a cross, a King who knows all about loss and pain and sadness, knows all about the madness of this world and this King has won my heart and I am starting to grow in Christ, grow in Jesus and his word, he is my boss, my God, my King, he is teaching my soul to sing a new song, he is building me up as I walk his path he equips and empowers, I am growing in Christ, growing in Jesus and his word and I have heard that as I grow closer to Jesus my life will reflect his more closely and he is jealous for me, so now I see I cannot possibly continue to conform to the patterns of this world, I seek to be transformed, renew my mind Lord so that you will find that I reflect your will in my actions, my words and how I run the race, renew me and fill me with your amazing grace.


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