When you feel like a wounded left handed person in a right handers world

When you feel like life is a bit of a battle it is so easy to let it get you down, so I have something on my mind that is a personal battle, but am I letting my mind make a mountain out of a molehill?  it’s something I don’t have to face up to until the middle of next week so:

  1. Why am I getting anxious about it now?
  2. Why am I anxious about it at all, why don’t I just trust God to deal with it?

So looked to God’s word for some encouragement and support and hey it’s just filled with enough to stop me worrying and put me back on track.  One obvious verse jumped out at me Philippians 4:6  but I also loved this verse from Ezra for I know I am surrounded by Christians who will support me, yes I need to deal with certain stuff myself but God is with me and has surrounded me with others who will also support me.

Ezra 10:4 rise up, this matter is in your hands, we will support you so take courage and do it


When you feel like a wounded left handed person in a right handers world, the “has-been”, the underdog, the “also ran”, when you feel like David fighting Goliath, stand up… stand out…. stand firm.   You may feel like the world is against you, the task is too great, the battle is over or it’s too late, but then you remember yesterday’s news, David won!  Yes David defeated Goliath and he was a giant, and that was a victory, a triumph for the disadvantaged and God told you not to be discouraged, God told you do not be afraid he is your rock and your fortress, mighty to deliver us and when we go through deep waters he is with us, holding our heads up above the water, reminding us that we are his sons and  his daughters, giving us courage to do what we oughta and promising us that he will support us, do not be anxious but pray with your eyes on God not your problems, pray to our God who provides solutions, for with God all things are possible whatever your obstacles our God can move mountains, his blessings are countless, his love is relentless and he never meant for us to be anxious, fearful or nervous, he came to serve us, to save us, to free us, and when life feels like a battle, a struggle, a conflict all you need to do is turn your heart, your eyes and your mind to Jesus.


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