How precious you are as one of God’s children

Been praying today along with many others for the healing of a young girl struck down with a virus and kind of got me fired up to write this in her honour. Please do pray for her healing and for God’s healing touch on her life


How precious you are as one of God’s children, there is no doubt, no uncertainty that God loves you unconditionally, you are adopted into his family and that didn’t happen randomly, your name is tattooed on the palm of his hand, you are his child, you are the apple of his eye, his treasured possession and nothing but nothing can separate you from his love, he chose you, he knows your name, he loves you and he will meet all your needs and do you realise that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, God made you, he knew you before you were born and he hears all prayers, he sees your family’s tears, he is the Lord God who heals, the Lord God who feels our pain, keeps track of all our sorrows, collects all tears in his bottle, you are not forgotten, our God is the healer, awesome in power, and you will enjoy abundant peace and security, life and prosperity, and your light will shine brightly, your future witness a mighty tribute to the power of our Saviour, our prayers remain in your favour and your healing in the hands of your mighty creator.


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