Jesus determine the steps that you would have me take

Sing joyfully to the Lord – Psalm 33

What a great Psalm and yet again there is a recurring theme of God’s plan for our lives,

v 11 But the plans of the Lord stand firm for ever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.

I am so stoked that God has a plan for me (sometimes a bit frustrated that I don’t know what it is yet but that’s OK I have to trust God) it blows my mind sometimes but also makes me feel even more like singing a song of praise and worship to our awesome God.

I have a plan do you trust me?

I have a plan do you trust me? It’s over a year ago now that God whispered to me, I have a plan, do you trust me?  I don’t believe it was by chance that God plucked me from a life of sin, he has positioned me in time, given me gifts and talents to serve him in this generation, God watched me from heaven, he knew my name, my every thought, he saw each tear that fell and heard me when I called and he has a plan for me that transcends all generations and his word is right and true, I can trust him, lean on him, bank on his love, I stake my life on the Father’s love, I am a daughter of the creator, the maker of heaven and earth who saw my birth, rejoiced at my beginning, stayed close when I slid into chaos, rejoiced when I embraced a new life in Jesus, rejoiced with heavenly singing, my ears are ringing with songs of praise and worship and I come to you in adoration, let all nations stand in awe of him who died to save us and what a plus, Jesus has a plan, no need to worry about the road ahead, where the road leads or ends, simply take the first step with the one who knows all things, Jesus determine the steps that you would have me take, Jesus I want to break down barriers, be a carrier of your love and mercy, feed the hungry and the thirsty, give comfort to those who worry, may you determine my path Lord may I seek your advice at every juncture, help me structure my life around your teachings, reaching for you in every situation, may every conversation be an opportunity, may my poetry be fruitfully used to spread the beauty of your word, God I know that with you all things are possible so use me I pray so others will be spurred on to seek the truth of the gospel.


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