Holy Spirit you have created in me a clean heart

The more I get to meet with other Christians the more I recognise all the wonderful things God wants for us and the power of the Holy Spirit in helping us in our lives and God is Great!  Met with three other ladies last night for prayer and it was just a blessed time, but also one where I felt now I have handed over my harming issue to God that he is that one step closer to being able to really use me in a powerful way to spread his word to others, and let’s face it why wouldn’t I want to tell others about him, he is awesome?!!


Holy Spirit you are welcome here, like now I know what you’re about why would I doubt that you want the best for me, why would I put up barriers to receiving all that you can give to me, and Holy Spirit you have created in me a clean heart so now I can start enjoying the power of God’s love that has been poured into me, mission impossible, not any more, my mission is possible and I am unstoppable with you controlling my mind, I am not afraid or discouraged, in reality I am encouraged, uplifted and strongly convicted that this is my calling and it’s no longer daunting to think that God has plans that have been there since before time began, I am not intimidated cos I have waited all my life for this time, your Spirit primed me for my mission, whatever gig you want to give me cannot be too big for me to handle cos you God have covered every angle you have wrangled with the enemy so that you could give new life to me, and now I will stand up to be counted, surrounded by your protection, filled to the brim with the Spirit’s perfection I am a new creation and I await your calling with anticipation.


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