God you are radically inclusive

This morning saw a quote:

From God to You

You can’t do something that will ever make me stop being something, doing something or giving something to you.

When you really think about that from a human perspective it is quite mind blowing, can we say that about our family and friends?  God is great isn’t he, I mean whatever we do he won’t stop being there and more than that he was there before we even knew he was, before we acknowledged him as our own personal Saviour our God was there, by our side, that’s the bit I find so amazing (Romans 5:8 While we were still sinners, Christ died for us)


God you are radically inclusive, your forgiveness is not exclusive, you came to save us all, no matter how far we have fallen your son died on the cross because you are such a loving and forgiving God, you don’t want us to be damned, you are giving us chances every day to take notice and change our ways, you want every one of us to be saved, you paved the way for a life of eternal joy when your boy, your son, hung on the cross and gave up his life, the perfect and noble sacrifice, and for the life of me I cannot see what we did to deserve this but rather than question and worry about motive I have total belief in a God who believes in me.  Oh God I am so thankful that you look at me from a different angle, are untangling the depths of my mind and finding the person inside, I’m sticking close to you my God and I know you didn’t promise to make life easy, but for sure you make it possible for us to cope with whatever comes our way and today that echoes in my head, I have learnt that anxiety happens when I think I have to work it out on my own, worry gives a small thing a huge shadow, and as I walk through the shadows of my mind may I be blind to apprehension, deaf to disquiet, and connected to your love, remembering all the amazing promises that you have made, so invade me now Lord with your Spirit, fill me with boldness and readiness, replace any emptiness with the fullness of your affection and continue to shield me with your protection.


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