“God patiently works with his people at the pace they are able to go”

Doing my daily reading this morning and the commentary included the following

“God patiently works with his people at the pace they are able to go”

So following on from yesterday it kind of dawned on me that I have been trying too hard to become like “the perfect Christian” if there is such a thing.  When I came to God I was broken and that’s fine, God was happy with that because he can work with me to make me new and I would be ridiculous if I thought that I would become perfect overnight!  So God is telling me that he is patient, and he is going to work with me at a pace I can deal with, I have already given up so much in my life which has been a challenge, yet it does also feel good to be renewed in Christ and my determination to stop falling back into old ways has been endorsed today by this, God is patient and loving and he is doing this in a way that I can cope with.


OK so when you become a Christian it’s not like you suddenly become all pristine and shiny new, God knew what he had to do when he called you, God knew that you were broken, it’s not like he didn’t have a notion that there was some work to do, he wasn’t blind to your faults he knew there’d be times when you’d want to default to old behaviours, but that’s the beauty of loving my Saviour he is patient, calm and forgiving, he is a living, breathing example of love everlasting and he won’t give you more than you can handle, won’t judge you when you mangle up your priorities and fail to fall to your knees when things get tough, but God is enough, enough to fill the silence, enough to fill the void, so don’t avoid talking to him about the things that matter, whatever is on your mind make sure you find the time to have a natter with your Father, he’d rather you turned your eyes to him than spin out of control, he has a role for you, we don’t always know what that will be, but believe me he is working towards making you whole and how exciting to know that even though you are a sinner, God is no quitter and works tirelessly to refit you for his service, his purpose will prevail, every detail already itemised in his book of life, and you no longer need strive for perfection, just crave gentle correction and love from your Father above, who took you on knowing that you were flawed and how much more does his forgiveness mean when you understand how far you had fallen from his grace yet not once, never did he turn his face, never did he turn his back and that my friend is a fact, God loves you no matter what you do, through every sin and every blunder, through rain, hail, storms and thunder, so surrender to his love and mercy, you will never be unworthy to our God of Glory, he is here, involved and part of your story.


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