My trust prayer…

Opened the ladies meeting with this prayer last night, just wanted to Blog it so I kept a copy was a meeting about culture of honour which is such a great concept and last night was about trust, such an interesting debate from all who attended and really opened my eyes..


Hey God, we lift our hearts in praise to you, we worship and adore you and thank you for all that you do for us, how you fill us with your love, how you bless us every day  and how you listen as we pray, as we come here tonight to talk about trust, help us truly seek out the truth in our hearts, be open and honest and not depart from the culture of honour you seek to build, may we be filled with your Spirit as we learn, have concern for each other’s feelings especially when revealing our concerns or area of weakness and Jesus may we seek to be supportive, drive out any suspicion and wariness and bless our time together so that whatever happens in this place we will know your face is turned towards us, feel your love radiate among us and leave here tonight with a new perspective that makes us more effective in our walk with you, that helps us in our prayer, affirmation of each other and heavenly Father may we be hungry to serve you and every one of your children, and as women of God create a trusting culture fuelled by your scripture which draws us closer to you and closer to each other, thank you God for making us richer through this time spent with you and thank you for the privilege of spending this evening with you   AMEN


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