Who would I turn to?

Do you ever have really difficult days?  Sometimes despite being surrounded by people it can feel lonely and I know that God is a great comfort to me when I feel lonely or struggle to see where I fit in.  Today my friend sent me this verse and I am holding on to this as having a tough time today

Psalm 59:16

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.


So if I didn’t have you God who would I turn to?  If I couldn’t talk to you then where would I be, like down in the valley for sure, your love is amazing, so pure, so undemanding, you love me without questioning, without mentioning the times I’ve failed, without resorting to blackmail or railroading me into being something I’m not.  You got me, you understood me from the moment you made me, you got what makes me tick, and you stick by me though the troughs and the peaks and that speaks to my heart, I am never apart from you and if I didn’t have you God then I’d be so blue you are making me new and that was never gonna be a quick fix with all the conflicts in my mind.  God don’t ever let me get left behind because of my failure to address my own failings, my struggle to supress these feelings of inadequacy, because I can say emphatically that I’m trying to turn my life around, plant my feet firmly on the ground with you as my fortress and my refuge, so rescue me from this deluge of worry and fear, draw near so that I too may sing of your clout and your power, empower me to beat the obstacles that pull me down, may I stop feeling so alone and know that you alone are enough to fill me, comfort me, guide me and love me until you have completed this work in me and I can see where I fit in, can understand your intentions and serve you without question.


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