Give them to the boss, the one who died for me

Last few days again been like a roller coaster and again I have fallen into old habits which hurts me immensely so not even sure how much it must hurt God.  So I have given myself two verses to call on when I struggle again with my issues

Deuteronomy 20:4

For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.’

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

I also need to learn to hand this over to God, and then not dwell on it.  Went to a Stuart Townend concert last night (awesome) and one of the things he spoke about was starting each day afresh, we face enough issues from the new day without bringing forward yesterday’s so sound advice and something I will seek to do, today is a new day and thank you God for all the promises this day brings


Today is a new day and I will not bring forward all the issues and problems from yesterday, I lay them at the foot of the Cross, I give them to the boss, the one who died for me, to set me free, who claims victory on my behalf who says to me “enough…enough already you don’t need to fight this enemy on your own, have you not grown in stature and maturity since giving your life to me, have you not seen that over the years going it alone just results in hurt, your fears escalate and intensify, you have laboured fruitlessly against the forces that torment you, listen to me and recognise that we are a team, and I will strengthen you, you can do anything you want to, I am with you in this fight, I am the light in your darkness, I am the artist of your canvas and I have already defeated the enemy so you can be stronger than you have ever been, do you get what I mean?”

Yes Lord I get it and now I must live it, today is a new day and I commit now to listen to my Lord and Saviour who has given his life for me, a life of purity and holiness sacrificed so that my emptiness would change to fullness, my brokenness mended and my loneliness replaced with the most perfect friendship with my God and Redeemer, I vow to worship and listen and follow, to hand over my issues before they swallow me up and overtake me, I bow down and ask God that you will now help me, strengthen, protect me and prepare me for my life with you for eternity.


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