But even so Lord, washing their feet…..

We were looking at service in our prayer group last night and read John 13, re: Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.  Been reading more on this today and tried to get my head round how amazing this was, how humble the disciples must have felt, not just at the time, but after Jesus returned to heaven and they reflected on that evening but also how Jesus endorsed service as an amazing gift and something we should embrace in our lives.


You rock Lord,  – you came to earth to be like us, yet you were still the son of God.  You taught us so much stuff that we find hard to understand, like,…. OK like you washed the feet of your disciples the day before you died, like wow…. that’s love, an all-consuming passion for those who had seen some action throughout your time here on earth, but even so, washing their feet, like that’s pretty special, maybe today I could say it’s like me going round my mate’s house and giving their smelly old Grandad a bath, or maybe a VIP coming to tea, donning the marigolds and a pinny.   I know it sounds silly but really Lord, you got down on your knees, the Lord of all creation and with affirmation for your team you humbly set the perfect example, do as I do unto others, these your loving disciples and brothers must have felt pain and regret that they let you take this stance, they didn’t take their chance to wash your feet, too busy seeking to see who was the greatest and yet you clearly then stated a slave is not greater than his master nor is one who is sent greater than the one who sent him, you were teaching humility and today that’s a strong message for me, you taught against pride and we should never seek to be more important than others, put aside self-esteem, self-love and self-glory, change the emphasis of our story to look to you as the perfect illustration, it was personal, clothed like a slave you washed dirt from their feet, it was so personal and whilst you knew of your impending death, your disciples unaware were indifferent to the thoughts in your head, of the great sacrifice that was about to occur, the indescribable act of selflessness to come but I digress.  You washed their feet in an act of love, symbolic of your cleansing power, significant because you show us that service is an act of God, service is fundamental to the Christian journey, humility not pride, obedience not disregard, you showed us it’s not so hard to put self aside, you showed us how to shake off our pride, give our time for you and on the surface service may sound like the boring option, like shouldn’t I be evangelising or preaching, prophesising or teaching, by your great example you have endorsed service as a job we can do that has immense purpose and brings glory to you.


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