A trouble free future….???

Once again God has spoken to me and really helped to understand why as a Christian life can still be tough at times.  However we have something amazing to look forward to in the future. Eternal life with our loving Saviour, amen to that!

John 16:33

33 ‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’


You never promised a trouble free future, you never said life would be smoother once we handed it over to you, you kept it real, you don’t deal in half-truths or lies and I’m not over analysing your promises, your word hits us squarely between the eyes – you clearly tell us that we will have trouble, you don’t protect us in some “Christian bubble” so as we face our earthly struggles we can sit up and take heart, for you came to give us peace, you came so that each and every one of us can receive your mercy and although we don’t feel worthy of your love and compassion, you don’t ration your grace and forgiveness, you actually want us all to be saved, I am amazed at your patience and tolerance when you consider the preposterous behaviour of man who is more than outspoken, so fatally broken, yet you have spoken “take heart I have overcome the world”, and I take heart that I will never be apart from you my magnificent Saviour, the world will not defeat you, the world will not beat you down, the world is drowning in sin and the only redemption is from him who died on the cross to save us, who rose from the grave after three days triumphant over death and let it be said that only because of this are we saved from the abyss, from emptiness, loneliness, from a vacuum of despair, oh Lord God because you are there, because you reclaimed me as your own I can have peace and I had never known that there was hope until I got down on my knees and said please Lord forgive me, I know I’m unworthy but rewrite my life story to bring you the glory.


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