Finding you Lord in this loud world

That must have been one of the most hectic days EVER and as such I have really missed my time with God, not had a chance to do my reading yet and due out in a bit, I missed it.  But I have had time to sit and reflect and was thinking about how important it is to find time to be still with God

Psalm 46:10

Be Still and Know that I am God


Finding you Lord in this loud world, finding space to seek your face to be still and know that you are God, for I know that in the solitary moments when silence fills the void, that’s when I discover you, discover your word.

The loud roar of the world getting on with its business, a danger that I won’t find the stillness that I long for to see your ways and follow your paths, to pray, to listen, to seek, to ask.

I will grow as I learn to know you, as I understand your ways, your will, and when I’m still I can hear from you, become aware of your plans for me, take in all you have in store for me, understand your will for me.

As I escape the cacophony and spend some time in solitary confinement with you, my heart slows, my head clears, I hand over all my cares and fears, oh Lord I long to be close to you, to shut out all earthly commotions and spend more time in devotion to you.


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