Are you one of those who shuns the cross as purely a symbol?

Just been thinking today about the message of the Cross, the power in the very act of Jesus dying to save us, power indeed…

1 Corinthians 1 v 18

18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

The Cross on which he died

Are you one of those who shuns the cross as purely a symbol, a symbol to be mocked or locked away, a symbol reflective of a religion that you don’t believe in and won’t take part in

-are you one of those who will miss the heavenly party if you don’t stop, think and see that this is no symbol, no half-hearted scribble in earth’s history, there is no mystery to the power of the cross

-don’t toss this aside and decide you know better, take a moment to see whether you have a future, I promise you there is no God cooler than my God who died for you on that cross, you know, the cross that you think is simply an icon of a religion that you don’t believe in, well believe me don’t mock, don’t get stuck with that image, there’s power in this message.

Are you, like me one who welcomes the cross as a magnificent sign of life, of life everlasting, surpassing all knowledge or understanding, eternal life with our heavenly father because of the sacrifice of his only son, because of what he and he alone has done?

– the power radiated from the cross as Jesus gave his life for us, all power to his name, we will never be the same because of the pain that he endured, because of the mocking and the taunting

– because they hunted him down, forced him to wear a crown of thorns, were scornful, insulting and disrespectful, not realising how special this moment was to the course of history, not unravelling the mystery of a God who loves his children so much that he died a death, a wretched, painful death nailed to a cross

– let’s not gloss over this, it was not glamorous, easy or gentle, it was a cruel and brutal killing, yet he was willing to endure all that was necessary to successfully defeat our sin, open up heaven to all who sincerely come to him.

So powerful was his sacrifice that now our lives can be better than ever before, he loves us and holds us through all life’s trials and tribulations, he knows our frustrations, been here, done that

– he really does know our struggles and our fears, he sees and feels all our tears and through turning to him he gives us refuge from the deluge of life’s demands, he is available on demand, never off duty, sick or too tired, always present when we require a shoulder to cry on or an answer to prayer,

-my God cares and is always there, whatever you’ve done, wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve said or seen you will never shock or scare God away, he’s powerful and compassionate, merciful and caring, believe me my God was made for sharing

– take time to know him and you too will see the enormity of the message of the power of the cross, the outrageous love he has for you, if you want a breakthrough in your life, just give your life to the one who cared so much, allow him to touch your life and take your pain, you’ll never be the same again



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