I’ve tasted a flavour of what you give me

Today have been reading the following passage about “watchfulness”

Luke 12:35-48

“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning…………….

Really thought provoking word about making sure I am always prepared in my life for the moment Jesus returns, to stop putting off things until tomorrow in terms of service so if I think God wants me to do something, pass on a word to someone, encourage someone, I shouldn’t delay it for a day or two, strike immediately.  This passage has also got me thinking that I need to ensure my behaviours are appropriate so that at any time I would not be ashamed or embarrassed if Jesus was to return.  Kind of helps me with an issue I am working on right now I mean how would I feel if Jesus was in the room with me whilst I was sinning, wait, OK so Jesus is always in the room with me, so an even more important message which actually encourages me to fight this current battle with more faith and belief that I can just turn to Jesus who sees everything and knows everything and he will reach out and help me.


Jesus you see me all the time, I might not see you, but you see me, you know me, understand me, feel my fear, you are always near, always close at hand so that when I am tempted to sin I can lay that pain at the foot of the cross, say to you please take this now, shower me with love and blessings take away thoughts that are messing with my position as a child of the living Saviour, and God I challenge my own behaviour, I’ve tasted a flavour of what you give me and I want to enjoy this for all eternity, I want to watch and be ready for the day when you return, not caught messing with things of the past and I nail my colours to the mast, I am at last a child of God, because you were nailed to a cross, your loss was immense, your sacrifice perfect and despite my imperfection you have not rejected me, and as I wait for your return, I praise you that I can learn to love myself again, learn how to accept your love for me, learn how to be free and offer freedom to others through sharing your awesome name, through showing love one for another and I shudder as I think what might have become of me if you had not died to set me free, I praise you God that you will return to claim the victory, I pray that I may stay alert, put on your armour so that I can take my place on the battlefield, fighting for you without yielding until you return to claim your throne, may I never leave the zone of preparedness, ensure my awareness never falters and as I struggle may you lead me beside those still waters.


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