What did I do to deserve you oh Lord, what did I do?

Getting baptised in a few weeks and am really excited about it but got me thinking to what God has done for me


The Lord’s my shepherd, the lord is my shepherd cos even when I went astray he watched over me every day, when I tried to hide from his face, his abundant grace kept shining through, what did I do to deserve you oh Lord, what did I do?

I was black and blue, my heart bruised, I had no one else to turn to, nowhere else to go and as I cried out it was you who answered, you who heard me from my despair, you held out your hand and there it was that I found you, or did you find me, or was it just a case that this was always meant to be, you planned for me before my birth, you saw the worth in me, I saw a sinner, you saw a winner, I was lost, but at great cost you died for me, yes died for me, and if I was the only person in creation you would still have died for me, to set me free, that’s the outrageous love you have for me.

And now you have my heart, I will never be apart from your great love, my testimony speaks of such a deep love, of a God who watched me fail over and over again, who watched my pain, watched as I chose to struggle alone, watched as I turned my face away again and again, a Saviour who didn’t take offence or say “enough of your defiance”, a loving God who just waited patiently, arms out wide ready to embrace me when I finally came to my senses and tore down the fences, now my life commences..

My God you are awesome, what you’ve done for me is beyond my wildest dreams, all glory, honour and praise to you, who was, who is and is to come, and I dedicate my life to sharing your name, sharing the good news of all you have done, all you are doing and all you will do, until the day when I meet you face to face, I raise my arms to you in praise, I lift my heart to you in gratitude, that because of you my attitude has changed, who comprehends the magnitude of what that means, my sins are gone I’ve been redeemed, I am released from all the shackles of my past, at last to live free of shame because you have claimed victory over my story, to you God be all power and glory.


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