Just checking in with God

Well certainly true that I missed our meetings over the summer, first group meeting last night was such an inspiration and a blessing.  You know I struggle without help and learn so much just from little things people say and how others pray or even what they pray for, I think I’m a bit of an observer and learn well in that situation.

Overwhelming feeling though was of a closeness with God, something I’ve missed over the Summer, partly my fault for not fully confessing my sins before seeking to be close to God and I learnt something about that as well as how Satan likes it when our sins are secret, he has more control that way, something to think about there and resolved to ask for more help where needed.


Just checking in God to say wow, how amazing it is to be part of your family, how uplifting to have you on side, how awesome to know that you are alive in my heart and in my soul, I cannot remember feeling this great, elated at having found this astounding love, overwhelmed by the powerful forces of your pure unadulterated kindness, your gentleness in every situation and the fact that you offered me salvation.

Wow, you came right up to me and showed me what life could be if only I would put aside the sin that tied me to a life of shame, that life would never be the same and I could claim that you are my King of Kings, you are my Saviour, you’ve saved me from damnation and when we had that conversation, the one where you accepted my confession of a life lived poorly, a life lived for me, accepted my apology, there was no condemnation, simply confirmation that I was accepted into your family, that I was redeemed for eternity.

Thanks God that wherever I am I can message you in an instant and you will reply, thank you that whatever I need you will provide and I know that your plans for me are outrageous can you just check out your database and see when things are going to happen cos yet again I’m eager to see the mapping you have for my life, anxious to move myself further down your paths of righteousness and I confess that I am not perfect, but you’ve taken a chance on me and I’m worth it, I am so going to nail whatever it is you want me to do, and God right now I just have to say how much I want to serve you and how much I love you.


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