Listen up, trust in the Lord your God

Psalm 25

In you, Lord my God, I put my trust. I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me.

So another lightbulb moment this morning doing my daily reading – when we talk about enemies we are not just talking about people, some of our thoughts and actions are also enemies which we need to claim victory over.  I know that maybe obvious to many but sometimes when I read the Bible I think about enemies in human form and need to expand my thoughts to things that affect my thought processes and my physical actions.

Turn the first verse around to a question, “Do I put my trust in you oh Lord my God?”

Honest answer, not in every situation.

Why not? That’s my thought for today, why do I continue to allow myself to try and manage aspects of my life when I should just turn them over to God?


Listen up, trust in the Lord your God.  Is that so hard to understand, God, who created the universe, is the source of all that is holy and right, the creator of day and night, architect of nature, nurturing and loving teacher, invites you to feature in his plans, asks you to stand up for him, clam victory over your enemies, your sin and you know what that means, you know what you need to do, trust him in every situation, trust him to sort your aggravation, trust him when faced with allegations, trust him when your concentration fails and you find yourself on the rails, he already knows what you will face, he already waits in every space that you will inhabit along the way, every day he knows what’s in store, each and every door has been opened by God and that’s why it shouldn’t be hard for you to say I must place my trust in the one who laid down his life for me, I must see that he prepares a place for me and why oh why would I think I can do it better, why won’t I let him take control, immerse myself in some black hole rather than let God soothe my soul.  God I trust you I know that you care, lift my head and let me not be scared, give me strength to hand things over, take my shame and give me closure.


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