Being heavenly minded and finding other heavenly minded people

In my quiet time today God spoke to me through Philippians 3:17 and I believe he was really telling me to take a look at my life and what kind of example I was setting as a Christian as well as looking at those I look up to and being confident in their teaching that it is what God means (not false teaching which I think it’s easy to see when you use the internet for searching out meanings, preachings, viewpoints etc on various topics).  I perhaps need to talk more to Christians I know about topics rather than use the internet to find answers because that is where I think sometimes it could be so easy to get led astray.

Philippians 3: 17 

Join together in following my example, brothers and sisters, and just as you have us as a model, keep your eyes on those who live as we do.


I need to think about being heavenly minded and what that means, how would my life look if I realised that I am an example to everyone I meet?  From a simple greeting in the street to family, friends and people I have known for years, promoting Christ through my behaviour and words, being single minded in my pursuit of sharing what God has done for me, sharing in his suffering and offering others the knowledge of the power of the cross, the power of his resurrection and how I stand firm in my conviction, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit who offers me a new direction.

I will never achieve perfection, however if I truly seek to become more like Jesus I can achieve this; consideration for others, humility in thought and deed, seeking out the needs of my brothers, ensuring that my selfless behaviour mirrors that of my God and Saviour and bask in the knowledge that everything I do is generated by my maker and done for his sake.

I take this verse and its strong message, I must follow the example of those who serve you, be careful who I look to for my inspiration, consider carefully the company I keep and in one almighty leap of faith be prepared to stand up and say when people may try to lead me astray, whether Christian or otherwise beware of false teachers or those who seek to question believers.

Lord give me the wisdom to know who to turn to, may I in turn be worthy to serve you, worthy to stand up and talk of my God so when someone looks at the life that I lead, they too will recognise the need to fill the void of their life with the joy of your grace, be filled with a passion to embrace your forgiveness, by your grace be saved because of my witness.


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