Give him all the pieces so he can iron out your creases


Trust him he’s got this he gives you hope, so don’t let your heart be troubled,  don’t be afraid for it’s God who made you, who sustains you and carries you, he’ll rescue you, he is your anchor in the waves of life he came to earth to save you, he gives you peace and leaves peace with you.

Your scars are proof that he heals but for him to give complete healing you need to give him all the pieces so he can iron out your creases, give Jesus everything he needs so he can heal you, acknowledge that the damage existed but don’t let it control you anymore, let Jesus open up that door and take control, he’s the only one who makes you whole and the greatest gift you can give back to God is to take notice of his words and take the healing that he gives.

You were born on purpose for a purpose, God needs you to be healthy, he chose you and has plenty of reasons for you to function without obstructions or distractions, so no longer take action without his direction, trust in his protection, embrace his perfection and never forget his resurrection, Jesus embraces your imperfections and wants you to follow the path he ordained for you, allow his love to permeate through to your damaged heart, allow him to start to heal your pain, don’t let your light drain away when you have a difficult day, just turn to God and pray.

Pray for his healing power to shower down and change your perspective, pray for his protection from a time of pain, pray for him to reign in you, pray for his love to fill you and empower you, pray for him to lead you, guide you, pray for strength and a mind of steel and simply pray that he will heal.


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