Seeing the goodness of the Lord, right here and right now

Psalm 27: 13 -14

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

It’s so easy to think that maybe we have to wait until we reach heaven before we see all the goodness of the Lord but this Psalm clearly shows us that we will see it here – just need to be confident and patient


God, I know that you’re great and I can’t wait to meet you in person, but until that time help me to have patience, not be complacent cos life’s not a rehearsal it’s for living and you have given me so many chances to advance along my journey, to make a story from my life, to ensure my light shines out bright and clear declaring that the Lord is here.

The Lord is here inside my heart he has taken me apart to build in me a better witness, no longer witless and lacking fitness to serve but ready for every curve ball thrown my way, prepared for what others say to knock me down or mock my God, it may be hard to fight back but I no longer lack the words, you have promised to speak through me, your promise gives me victory over tongue tied moments of distress and I guess that less is more when pouring out my heart in prayer.

I look to you to lead me in the paths of righteousness, as I confess my sins to you I marvel at your faithfulness and in the quietness of the night  reflect on what is good and right, goodness that you promise now and oh how exciting is that vow, goodness in the world right now, goodness and mercy following me and I strive to use the abilities that you have gifted me to gladly share your amazing love, to point to the sky above and boast of my dependable, faithful and astounding God, to shout so loud to those who’ll hear that God is good and God is here.

God’s waiting to pour out blessings here and now, to wow you with his love and grace, embrace you when you’re feeling low, house you when you’ve nowhere to go, feed you when your plate is bare, clothe you when you’ve nothing to wear, I swear my God is so extreme, he redeemed you, does that not feel unreal, like something that only happens in dreams?  God’s only son died for you, died to provide you with a second chance, he didn’t just glance at you, he looked at you in the eye, your name inscribed on his heart, he set you apart to receive his pardon and you can be certain that your burdens will be eased the moment you believe, believe that Jesus died for you, believe that through seeking forgiveness you will receive God’s abundant riches.


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