Taken time today to stop and think about God

Thinking about how great God is, you know when you just sit back, put aside your own cares and thoughts and just look to God wow, you realise how awesome he is and what an exciting and fulfilling future we have here on earth and then even more exciting, in heaven!


My every breath comes from you, every heartbeat is a gift and I will lift my eyes to you and praise your name again and again for calling me by name, for I had no idea that someone would look at me and take away my shame, not a clue that you had taken my blame on yourself when you hung upon that cross and when I think of what it means for me, the freedom you bought for me, the price you paid to make me clean, I cannot comprehend how for so long it went unseen, that I filled my life with insignificance, my dreams so materialistic, and my characteristics flawed for I suppose I just adored my own small world, closeted myself in what I knew instead of looking up to you, to answer your call to explore all that you were offering, understand that your suffering had already paid the price for my weakness, and out of darkness a light was shining, guiding me to a place of great joy, a place of forgiveness and it wasn’t about being religious but having a belief, a faith, a knowledge that although I cannot see you, I can feel you, I can hear you and I have been given the most amazing gift of life,  a new life on earth where I can serve and worship you daily and quite plainly that is an amazing prize, but more than that, I will reside with you eternally, live in the house of the Lord for ever, never to turn away again but live with you for ever and ever AMEN


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