I am just grasping how exciting and inviting it is to work for you..

Anyone who has been to counselling will probably know that the sessions often result in you feeling worse for a while before you feel better, all to do with opening old wounds and talking about the past.  Today I am due another session but am aware that this may be difficult (but have requested prayer from many)  but I hold on to the fact that I feel this is something I must do to help me move forwards.

Philippians 3:13

 …… But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead,

Can I forget what is behind and strain towards what is ahead?  I believe that this is what God wants me to do and recognise that this is a work God is doing in me right now, helping me come to terms with the past so I can move forward with him to complete the plan he has for my life.


What is ahead oh Lord?  What great plans are around the corner for your daughter, what places are you going to take me, what tasks are you giving to me? Forgive me for asking but I am just grasping how exciting and inviting it is to work for you, to do those things you planned for me back then before I was conceived, back then when you first believed in me and trusted that I would come good, that I would follow your word and turn to you to be repentant, to turn to you and be your servant, so now I keep my eyes forward, straining towards my magnificent future, thankful for your perfect planning, that you are standing by my side, keeping my eyes on the promised land, leaving the past hurts behind, forgetting the past, casting aside all cares and fears, shedding no more tears of despair, knowing you God, knowing you care.


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