It Bothers Me

God is going to return and it saddens me that I still have friends and family who don’t know him.  I have written the following and pray for the strength and boldness to share this message with others before it’s too late.


Today my words are clear and to the point, so sit up and take notice because this is the most serious message you will hear today, tomorrow or any day for that matter and what I am saying is a matter of life and death, not “is there a God?”  but “there is a God”, reflect on the difference switching two words can make to your future, not is there, but there is, and I am bothered that you don’t believe this, I am bothered that you would choose to follow the path of least resistance cos you don’t believe in my God’s existence, that you say “if he exists” when I say “he exists”, that you say “if he returns” and I say “when he returns”.  I am bothered that you refuse to accept his gift of life and all of a sudden it may be too late when you die and stand at the gates of heaven, when you stand before the risen Lord and are called to account, I am bothered that you haven’t encountered the Living God, haven’t listened to his words, haven’t felt his great affection never stopped to question what his resurrection really meant, that he withstood the torment of a cruel and painful death, his own Father gave him over to sinful man as part of his amazing plan, why you ask, why did he die?  He had to die because we were full of sin had turned our backs on him, were unable to bring stability back on our own, we’d blown it over and over again, what hurt and pain that must have caused to our loving, caring God, and with true amazing grace he turned his face back to humanity, granted us full amnesty and now we are a family, there are no barriers, Jesus carries us through life’s journey and even though we are not worthy of the great love he gives us, what an amazing plus that he doesn’t care about all the stuff that we get wrong, that we are weak cos he is strong and he will help you through your storms, his love is like a hurricane, blowing over you again and again, and as he reigns in me he commands my destiny and it bothers me that you don’t get it, won’t let it get under your skin, so here’s the thing are you ready to meet your maker?  Are you a risk taker cos that’s one gamble too far, the door is still ajar, he never closes the door on you, no matter what you’ve said or done, don’t run, don’t hide just set aside some time today to consider the things that I have said and ask God yourself about his love and what he has done to give you hope, and I hope you know that I am bothered because he offers you just the same and he’s given me a lifetime, an eternity of the best that you can ever imagine, it saddens me that you won’t be there unless you turn to him in prayer, am I bothered, yes I am if you’re not part of God’s great plan.


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