A friend who never fails, not even a little bit!

You know on earth we have loads of friends and family surrounding us, but sometimes can still feel alone.  I have been reading about how God never fails us and just find it amazing that I can always turn to him, in every situation, even if I have failed him and his love will not have changed and he is still there for me!


Can you say of anyone you know that their love never fails, they never give up on you, never for an instant get just a tiny bit mad with you, never say a cross word or mutter under their breath, never let a tiny frown reach their face, is there anyone who fulfils all your needs, exceeds your expectations, has infinite patience in every situation?

I have a friend who will never fail me, he never surrenders, is my defender in good times and bad, when storms rage I have no need to be afraid because he loves me as if I were the only one alive, his love is all consuming, his love is unassuming and check this out, he never gives up, never lets go and even though we continue to fail him, he will not be shaken and even more good news for those who love him, just call to him and he answers and he will tell you great and mighty things, he sings songs to calm and comfort you just cast your cares upon him, he does not want you to be timid he didn’t create you that way, so break away from your fear of failure and turn to my loving Saviour who heals your broken heart, will tend your wounded soul and wants to make you whole.

So it’s God who gives me all this love and that sort of makes the rest of us sound like we are a little lame, no shame in being human it’s just that we’re not wired the same as our amazing God whose love will never fail and whilst I can’t boast about my love for a God who I fail daily, I can surely boast about his love for you and me, you see his love never fails us, never leaves us, he walks besides us, gently guides us, sometimes chides us, never gives up on us and in him I put all my trust.


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