Lies or truth, hand it all to God

Had a blip this week, but you know what I still know that God loves me despite this and that he wants to help me to conquer my feelings and sinful nature.  So today I am confessing this sin and asking God to forgive me and importantly help me to move on from this and leave it in the past.

1 John 1:9

 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.


God, I’m sorry that sometimes I get into trouble in my head and when all’s said and done I sometimes forget that you’re the one who saves us from our trials and worries and in a mad flurry of distraction, a crazy mixed up moment I let Satan tempt me and then I feel empty, like why did I do that, why did I fail, with God on my side I should be able to cope with all that’s thrown at me, how does he manage to distract me and then it’s too late, I have failed you and it just goes on, my friend said don’t beat yourself up, but it’s a spiral of sin, do I lie or tell the truth, lie and continue to disobey you, or tell the truth and evoke pity that I am unable to cope like an adult should, I know all things work together for the power of good and I would stop if I could, but maybe that’s the issue here, maybe I’m just not clear how to hand this over to you, maybe I’m afraid that if I do I’ll have nothing left for me when things are beginning to get hard and GOD I know that you love me and I know you’ve set me free so make me see that I don’t need this, help me relinquish this addiction, give me a strong conviction when I am tempted, contempt for the enemy who attempts to govern me, respect for my Saviour who died to save me and the only scars that I should see are the ones on your side, your hands and your feet, the scars that show me of your sacrifice, you died so I could live my life free of fear and free of pain, God take this now and may I never again feel like I need to sink so low, may I remember I always have a place to go, to talk things through with a Loving God, to give him all that I find hard, to immerse myself in his word, all my fear and pain transferred.


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