Are you a player or a stayer?

Today I have need to have a difficult conversation and I know it is so important to have this particular conversation and if I don’t I will regret a missed chance.  However, being honest part of me fears making the first move and fears the response when I do.  However, I am praying that I will have the strength and conviction to make this happen and that God will facilitate the opportunity in a natural way.  Looking for inspiration I found this verse:

Mark 9:23

‘“If you can”?’ said Jesus. ‘Everything is possible for one who believes.


Today God has told me that I should be bolder, to boldly go and sow the seeds of love to those that need to hear his word, and what this still boils down to is God did not make me with a spirit of timidity no my spirit has fluidity and that means I can go with the flow and surely know that everything is possible with God on my side, he is an immense and caring guide and in Mark 9 he clearly speaks, “everything is possible for one who believes” and I believe, oh yes indeed, I believe in God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, I believe that I can be fearless in my witness and still more scripture comes to mind, God has gone before me, prepares the way, what’s more to say, he’s been there and done it opened the door, all he requires is your commitment, he’s given you the equipment, your Bible and prayer so don’t be shy be a player, dedicate your life to making a difference, show deference to your God above by sharing his eternal love.


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