Whatever you are facing today, Worship!

Had some devastating news yesterday, Dad has cancer. Whoa, writing it down makes it seem so much worse, or is it worse anyway, I’m not sure, all a bit of a blur really and a bolt out of the blue, so to say I am a bit wobbly today is probably an understatement.  However, I remember a lady who stood up in church giving a testimony, her world was falling down around her ears and she said to worship.  Go in a room and praise the Lord. So you know what, I did, I sat in my car this morning and worshipped God, thanked him for this opportunity this presents, thanked him for the chances it brings and thanked him that he is in my life and with him all things are possible, he will never give me more than I can handle so praise be to God.

You know what, I felt better after that, worship and praise is so powerful.


Is now a good time to praise? To raise up the name of my Lord, to worship and show devotion to make a commotion and some noise because nothing destroys Satan’s joy more that seeing me enjoy my God, seeing that no power of hell can fell me, nothing that is thrown in my path can floor me, because my God adores me.

Now is a good time to praise, thank you God for your sacrifice made so that I can enjoy life, a life so full of riches and grace, so I can say I ran the race with God by my side, he was my guide, he saw me through and anytime Satan threw a curveball in my track, God protected me from attack, God stands firm he is my shield, through his grace I am healed.

So praise you God, thanks for your faithfulness, thanks for the joyfulness that fills my heart, thanks that I can never be taken from you, you are my shepherd and I will follow you, I will joyfully sing songs of praise throughout all my days, and when my heart feels torn in two, that’s when my song means more to you, glory be to God on high, my heart sighs for you, my heart yearns for you, praise I give to you.



  1. Wow!! Yes you are so right Praising God in the midst of our distress is not easy but it is a powerful weapon (Psalm 149:6) and has the power to cause us raise our heads above our circumstances and focus on Gods power and the Authority that is within us.Thank you x


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