Never be surprised when God answers..

OK so today starts with a bit of a testimony, woke up with a lot of things on my mind after counselling yesterday and really was in the middle of a storm, my head felt like it was blowing up and I was not coping at all, but this time I called out to God and just said, God send me protection I don’t want to do this.

So he prompted me just to check out my facebook and there was a video posting from an evangelist I follow which he posted last night, all about the storms of life, keeping your eyes on Jesus and not the storm, shifting focus away from the storm to our Lord and he will protect you.  The video was about 5 minutes and in that time I just felt incredible love from God and a peace came over me.

Typically of God he didn’t stop there he then sent a business neighbour to have a chat, he’s a Christian who runs a charity and they have a container of clothing going to Sierra Leone today, was great to listen to the work he and his team are doing and again gave me time to reflect more on Jesus and less on my storm and then his two kids sat in the shop for an hour and we just chatted and got to know each other (adorable 4 and 6 year olds!)  So all in all Jesus was watching out for me and I now feel so much more at ease and able to cope, so lesson there, God has an incredible love for us and all we need to do is ask for his help when we most need it and he sends it in abundance.

Psalms 50:15

..and call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honour me.


Why am I surprised, why am I amazed, you have always told me you will be there, how much you care, how even when I am low I have somewhere safe to go, I know that I should be more aware of your great love, let’s face it you sent your son to express your love for us, of course you don’t want us to hurt or surrender to the storm of life, you want to wipe our tears, prevent all fears that threaten to shatter the peace, you help us piece together the past and the present, provide a sense of contentment, discover the life we were meant to have before we turned our backs on your great sacrifice.

Lord as I face more days of making sense of so much stuff, I pray that you will keep me tough, pour protection on my mind, help me leave behind the baggage that threatens to shackle my new found freedom, make me aware that your glorious Kingdom is there for my protection may I see your direction and as I stand at this intersection of my journey, give me wisdom, take power of attorney over my life and lead me on the paths of righteousness and in the quietness with you, may I listen to the truth and to your will for me to find, love, protection and peace of mind.


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