Always walking beside me

Started counselling last night to help me to make my move forward into my new Christian Journey.  Didn’t really realise how tough it would be to open up but felt God with me by my side as we explored some of my childhood.  When I got home and spent some time with God I got no verses or scriptures to help me which is what I kind of wanted to happen, however I got this overwhelming message from God that he had been with me through everything and as I cried he told me that he had cried for me too, throughout all the difficult times, when I felt alone, he had been there, and he had wept.  Whoah, that is one almighty message and shows just how personal and loving a God we serve, really thinking about it, God took time out to look out for me and he wept at my pain.   That is mind blowing.  Today I want to share this verse:

Psalm 56:8 (The Message Version)

You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.


You made me, you created me and knew from the start all that was going on in my heart, you read my mind were not blind to all that surrounded me, kept track of my tears, understood my fears, each ache you felt, your heart would melt to see the turmoil in my mind, you remind me now that you were there, you never went away, you carried me many a day when I was too weak to go it alone, if only I had known you then, perhaps I could have been mended sooner, not felt such a loser, but Lord I rejoice that now I know beyond all doubt that you were there throughout the drought in my life when I was devoid of all faith, that your grace remained, you maintained a place in my space so that at any time I could turn to you and ask your help whether I was feeling blue or scared you were always prepared to carry me, you always had a place for me, you knew the path that I would take, make no mistake you loved me then, you shed some tears and now my fear has turned to trust, a trust founded on your great compassion, God you are smashing down the barriers to my development, you are affectionately rebuilding me for your service, defining my purpose and seriously God it’s all so worth it, I have offered up my life for you and I know you’ll see me through every twist and turn to come, just as you have undone much of the pain that went before, there’s more healing to be had, for that oh God I am so glad, no longer that sad, lonely child, but now a daughter of a Father so kind and mild, so praise is due to you my Lord and thanks for being an awesome God.


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