When to be a Mary not a Martha

Was reading Luke 10 today, two sisters who acted very differently around God, one anxious to serve and have everything perfect for his visit, the other happy to sit at his feet and listen.  I suppose we all have a bit of both these sisters within us and we need to know when to stop “busying” ourselves and start “listening”.  This has been a recurring theme for me, the need to stop and listen to God and whilst I am getting better at this I need to ensure I give myself enough time to absorb his love and listen to his word for me.


Listen, silently reflect.  Clear your mind of all the clutter, the thoughts of the day, prepare yourself to pray, ready yourself to hear his voice, may you rejoice in the opportunity to be still with God, thankful that he wants you to come near to him so that he can draw close to you, breathe in the atmosphere and know that God is near, listen and hear, God is here.


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