No matter the size of the seed, God can do great things

I was chatting to a customer this morning who brought me some poppy seeds from his garden.  We got to talking about the size of some seeds and how they didn’t correlate with the size of the plant, so for example a very tiny seed can sometimes produce a much bigger plant than a larger seed.  Got me thinking about God and how we can plant even the tiniest seed for him, he can make it grow to the most amazing and productive plant. It kind of gets to you that whatever we do for God he can multiply to produce amazing results.


One seed, one tiny seed sown, leave it to God

One word, one kind, thoughtful word, Leave it to God

One action, one small action of love, Leave it to God

Pray to our Father to provide the right conditions, the right nutrition for the soul, pray that he will take control of each and every seed you sow, make it grow in the right direction, provide protection from external elements, his presence be ever close, so those who witness our own lives will come to know and thrive in his great mercy, may never again go thirsty, be filled with the Holy Spirit and eternal life inherit.


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