False teachings, kind preachings, different meanings

Been reflecting today on 2 Peter 2 and the word on false teachers. This kind of struck home with me having spent a long time studying items I found on the internet to find out more about homosexuality and Christianity before I made my decision to put my past life behind me and serve God.  I feel that this is what God is telling me now that we must be aware of the current unrest and disagreement over this matter and listen to what God is telling each and every one of us rather than rely on a myriad of opinions and teachings available to us on the internet.  I have written this in response to some of the study I have made over the past few months which reinforces my belief that the decision I made is the correct decision in the eyes of God.


Whatever… whatever you say won’t sway me, however you interpret God’s holy word, you will not convince me for I am listening solely to God my Father, I would rather draw my own conclusions from studying the scripture, than rupture my brain with all the pain that comes from a church that won’t make decisions, creating divisions, heading on a collision course of destruction, rather than take seriously God’s instructions written for us in his Holy book.

if you haven’t studied it then take a look at all of the teachings, the preaching of Jesus and his disciples, it’s all right there in the Bible, beware of false prophets and false teachers whose words reach us through so many media, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Wikipedia to name but a few. I’ve searched through them all to find the answers, for quite a while I thought it didn’t matter, thought I could be his daughter without seeking forgiveness but that is where I saw a weakness, how can I be his without turning from sin, I was never going to win his pardon, always to carry a burden of shame, never to call out his glorious name as a forgiven soul, never to be made whole unless I took his word to heart, from my old sinful ways depart.

And when I gave my life to him, that’s when I knew that I was saved, a tidal wave of forgiveness washed over me and all of a sudden I was free and that freedom comes from God alone. If only I could show all those in doubt, all those making excuses, offering confusing choices, trying to be inclusive at the cost of our salvation, the price eternal damnation for those who choose to ignore the Lord.

Whichever side of the debate you fall, I pray that you can give all you have to prayerfully consider the effect of your actions on those in the middle, those vulnerable to your decisions who have made their choices based on God’s voice, who need support and for you to rejoice in their salvation not contribute to their confusion.  Whatever…whatever you say or do, do it prayerfully, appeal to God for insight and do it in love for love is our greatest gift from God above.


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