What does the Lord’s Prayer mean to you?

In church we regularly say the Lord’s prayer, it’s projected on the screen and we read it, however sometimes I feel this is a bit “mechanical” and I really like to think about what I’m saying and what it really means.  Hence this post, been reflecting on the Lord’s prayer


Thinking about the prayer you gave us Lord, sometimes we say it without regard for what it really means, so if I may set the scene, it seems that we may be lazy in our interpretation, this prayer an illustration of our desire to see your kingdom right here, right now, an end to evil dictators and unscrupulous leaders, your will be done here exactly as it is in heaven, where your authority is not in question, there is no depression, repression or suppression, nation does not rise up against nation, all is at peace in your heavenly creation.

We ask for you to provide our needs, our daily bread, but does our greed sometimes affect our prayer, do we expect there to be more that we should ask for, give us what we need, no more, no less, in that way we are truly blessed.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive others, oh brother I may be in trouble on this one, have I truly forgiven everyone who has ever impacted my journey, am I worthy to say “as I forgive others?”  However, you know that I try, I turn to you, hear my cry, help me to be generous in my forgiveness, help me to turn this weakness around, to forgive others as we are bound by this prayer, may I forgive others, Lord help me adhere.

Lead me not into temptation, think that one through, does God really allow you to face anything that you cannot use your faith to overcome, the important thing, not to succumb, help me to stand up and be counted, know that I am surrounded by your power and might, that your light protects me from the darkness, you defend me in my weakness.

All power is yours, I worship you, all power is yours, all glory too, your kingdom is something we yearn to see, so as I pray Lord remind me to think more carefully about the words I use, to choose to pray the prayer you gave me, to respond most positively to make the changes you can see are required in me until your kingdom comes, until your will is done on earth as it is in heaven and I will at last be in your presence.


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