It’s not God that changes, it’s me

I find my walk with God changes daily, due to my own personal feelings or circumstances.  Sometimes I feel much closer to God and understand his will for me, other times I feel further away, maybe a bit lost as to what I need to be doing to get back on track.  I sometimes liken my life to a roller coaster.

Today I believe God gave me Hebrews 13:8 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.

That tells me that I shouldn’t stress when perhaps I am having a difficult day or feel more distant from God because he is constant, and when we say he is the same yesterday, today and forever that means he loves me every day, he cares about me every day, protects and shields me and watches over me, praise be to God.


The same.  The same yesterday, today and forever, are you kidding me, you never change, you never think so today I’m going to take a rest, I think it best, I’ll put my feet up and leave them to it. No, you never change, your love is constant, changeless, ceaseless; it leaves me speechless to think that you accept our weakness, take on my uniqueness with no second thoughts, you never look back, only look forwards, quite frankly it’s clear that you adore us, you’ve forgiven our sins, you’ve invited us in to your inner circle, despite us being so vulnerable to fears and doubts, you look out for us on every occasion, shield us from the enemies invasion, protect us from temptation, loved us since the foundation of time, you are constant, awesome just sublime.


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