Being anointed to Go and serve your God

Today in church we had the opportunity to be anointed with oil if we were prepared to “Go” and serve God in whatever way he called us.  Despite the fact I was struggling a bit today with personal issues you know this spoke to my heart.  What other reason could I have for being a Christian other than to declare God’s love to others and do his will – I know this could be hard but so want to serve..  I connected this anointing with Psalm 23


Anointed to go, like in the amazing Psalm that most of us know, Psalm 23 the one about being my shepherd, not wanting, leading me by still waters and anointing, yes, did you forget the part about anointing, so God has prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies, can you really believe that your God has prepared a table for you, yes you, and not only that, he has defeated your foes and then goes on to promise that he has anointed your head with oil, so your cup will overflow, so much so that goodness, kindness and loving will overflow in your life and because of your service and love you will dwell in his house forever, amazing;  forever with God we will, well we will just be, eternally, serving and praising our God who has anointed us to Go, just Go, follow wherever he shows us he wants us to go, do whatever he wants us to do, be whatever he wants us to be, serving our God fervently, all praise Lord Jesus belongs to thee.


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