The importance of hand holding

Today I had a picture of God holding my hand, like a parent holding the hand of their child, to protect, guide, reassure and maintain a connection with them throughout their journey.  Isn’t it reassuring to know that wherever we are and whatever is happening in our lives, God’s hand is always there for us.


Holding hands, uniquely reassuring and comforting, holding hands, I am not alone, I am protected and safe.

Holding hands, you walk beside me on secure ground, you reach out, take my hand, the beginning of the journey, I cannot get lost, you are holding me tight.

Holding hands, you guide me, help me keep my balance, pull me up when I stumble, I am in good hands, you are here for me.

Holding hands, diverts my thoughts from fear of loneliness or failure, stops me looking for danger, distracts me and reassures me.

Holding hands, says “I love you” without need of speaking, “you belong”, “you’re accepted”.  Thank you God for reaching out to me and holding my hand.


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