You committed no crime

It just struck me this morning that we have such a loving and perfect God.  Think it through, God allowed his son to die for us for absolutely no crime that he had committed.  I still find that amazing everytime I think about it, God loves us that much, EPIC!


You committed no crime, you made no mistakes, you were perfect.

Godlike in your human form, yet you wore the crown of thorns, they nailed you to a Cross, they mocked you, pierced your side, spectators gathered to witness your death, their loss, their mistake.

For whatever reason they saw fit to free the guilty and condemn an innocent, it was meant to be. For by your act of sacrifice you have given us new life, by forfeiting your life for us you showed us the most perfect love.

May I never forget the price you paid, so I may live, that I am saved, your love surrounds me, lives in my heart and from there your love will never depart.


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