No matter how hard things get, I have my God, my Friend..

How good it feels to have a friend called Jesus, if he is for me, WHO can be against me?


No matter how hard things get, tomorrow’s a new day to make it better, no matter how low I feel I can climb higher, mountains are conquered one step at a time, don’t let negativity reflect in my eyes, haven’t you heard, lessons are learned by listening hard, no one got the reward for giving up or turning away, whoever said life was easy was lying, just saying…. face the truth, life is hard and we are scarred from past experience, don’t be deceived by my appearance, the scars are real, they’re a big deal, reminder of the hurt, the pain, a memory of an insane time when I was a prime target for the enemy, who delighted in confusing me, in messing with my thoughts and dreams, who had a myriad of schemes to keep me from moving forward, happy when I was spiralling downwards towards a place of real despair, he desired to keep me there.

No matter how hard things get, today I have no regrets, cos now I have someone to talk to, someone to run to when I fail, someone to turn to when I’m frail, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, life is hard, but he is God, yep he is God and he is hard enough to fight my battles, shields me, releases me from the shackles of my past, at last I have a friend who contends for me, he gave his life to set me free, I no longer need to flee, to hide my face in shame, no, he has taken all my blame, claims me as his own,  have never known a love like this, no longer feel like I should quit and his is a love like no other, he buffers me from so much pain, his love flows through my veins and nothing now can phase me, with God on my side who can be against me, one step at a time, that’s all it takes, he can cope with my mistakes so long as I keep my eyes on him, confess my sin and sincerely seek to make amends, he defends me, protects me, my God, my friend.


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