When you go to the river to pray

It was such a beautiful day today, as soon as I got home from work I took the dog for a walk.  I decided to take him up to the River Trent, close to home and this time left all my music at home, I would use this as my time to talk and listen to God. So yes, today I really did go to the river to pray and it was good.  I talked and I listened to God, I enjoyed just taking in the beauty of the world he has given us, taking in how the river was so calm today yet at other times it can be quite turbulent, reminding me to enjoy the peace and calm in my life right now and take strength from God while all is calm so he can also sustain me and build me up to weather any storms that may come.


Went to the river to pray

To hear what God has to say

To tell God about my day

He helps me cope with my concerns

Helps me listen and to learn

I heard his voice of wisdom

I started to see his vision for my life

I interceded for those void of hope

Raised up those who need his love

Soaked up the calm and peaceful air

I knew that God was really there

Walking beside me as I prayed

Leading me as I obeyed

Felt his love pervade

When I went to the river to pray


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