Imagine a river of living water…

More reflections from ealier today.  Walking by the river also got me thinking about the sustaining properties of water and what that means for me as a Christian given that God provides us with a river of living water.  Comes back to my desire to serve and make a difference to others I believe that God will use me to help water and sow and harvest new Christians in time, just need to wait for him to show me the path that will take….!!


Water.  Necessary to sustain life, without water we fade, we die, without water our crops are dry and insufficient; deficient.

Without rain there is no harvest.  Garden devoid of fruit, roots scorched, fauna burned in the heat of the sun, famine status has begun and death overcomes one by one.

Everything will live where water flows.  Dry land revived, rivers replenished, streams refreshed, waterfalls foaming, spray splashing and rain lashing the arid earth.

Water brings about new birth.  Seeds show, shoots grow, harvest bestowed to those who ploughed and sowed, weeded and tended, water flows and the dry earth is soon mended.

Out of God’s heart flows a river of living water.  He pours water on our thirsty lives, by his hand we are refreshed, blessed with an abundant source of water, he provides for his sons and daughters.

We will never go thirsty, like a well-watered garden we can produce a great harvest, he wants to use us to bring about new life, our roots are grounded in him and we are refreshed by the eternal springs of living water.

His living water makes us stronger, wiser, we are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be fearless in our witness, ever confident in our fitness to serve our Lord and Saviour, our deliverer, our rescuer our redeemer.


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