Never ending compassion

Today’s scripture in church was taken from Lamentations 3: 22-33, clearly the inspiration for the hymn Great is thy Faithfulness and I found myself thinking about how amazing it is that God is so faithful and that every morning, no matter how much love, mercy, care and compassion we received the day before, it’s all topped up to full again.  So we never run out, it’s eternal, everlasting and amazing, that’s the compassion and love we can receive from the most awesome God.


Whatever, wherever, whenever.  God’s love surrounds you, he has compassion enough for all his children, from heaven he watches over you, he knows the great hope you have in him, he knows you are seeking, searching for answers, waiting for his salvation.

Waiting, quietly sitting, silence. There is hope, God casts off no man for ever, he will never forsake you, where there is grief it will be but brief, for he is a God of compassion, a God of actions, his love is unfailing, great is his faithfulness renewed every morning.

The Lord is good, the Lord is patient, let him be your inspiration in every situation. He renews you daily, holds you safely in his arms, upholds you, keeps you safe from harm, with him your route will be firm, he uses you to do his work, a spark to ignite and light your path in the world.


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